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Airbnb: New to Airbnb Hosting? Learn a Few Tricks Here!

Everything – including vacation rentals – is upping its game as demand continues to change. Locals and travellers expect quality and authenticity in short-term accommodations, particularly those who are new to short-term rentals.

The demand continues to change and almost everything – including vacation rentals, are upping the game. Travellers and locals alike are expecting quality and authentic hosting experiences especially those who are new to short-term rentals.

Airbnb is one of the most credible sites if you’re looking for a quick getaway or just relax somewhere for a day or two. It’s a platform where guests can rent a property (condominium, apartment, suite, or townhouse) and pay online using their credit card.

Statistics say as of August 2019, the company reached $4.3 billion in gross revenue. In 2020, there are now over 7 million listings across 220 countries despite how the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the economy worldwide. And with 650,000 hosts in total, how do you actually deliver a positive experience towards your guests?

You’re about to find out now.

An ideal host

Hosting can be challenging at times. You get to welcome different personalities and all with different, specific needs. To create a comfortable stay for your guests, Airbnb has four basic requirements that every host must meet.

  • Be responsive. It doesn’t just show how alert you are as a host but you’re also considerate of each other’s time. Airbnb measures how quickly you attend to each reservation request or booking inquiry by your response rate. With this, you are encouraged to respond within 24 hours to these types of messages.
  • Accept reservation requests. This means that as much as possible, accept most of the booking requests as you can. Make sure your listing’s calendar is accurate to the days you’re able to host. Though you the right to decline certain requests if it makes you uncomfortable, accommodate reservations based on the availability you set to your property.

  • Avoid cancelling on guests. Cancelling bookings will be subjected to financial penalties unless there are extenuating circumstances as stated by Airbnb. Proper sanctions will be given to hosts which will depend on the situation and will be handled by their Resolution Team.

  • Get positive reviews. How guests will review you will be the basis on how Airbnb will evaluate you as a host. Your overall rating is your average review from all the guests you have hosted.

At the same time, you get the chance to review guests too basing on their cleanliness, courteousness, and communication. This will be the measurement if guests are treating your property as if their own. They will also be sanctioned if consistently flagged by hosts.

Types of Accommodation in Airbnb

With different variations, you can now choose classic Airbnb, Airbnb for Work, Airbnb Plus, and Airbnb Luxe, guests now can choose what type of accommodation pleases them to deliver a consistent experience that’s tailor-fit to each stay.

But on the classic platform, guests can choose a/an:

  • Entire place. Where you don’t need to share your living space, bathroom, or common areas with other guests. More likely these guests value exclusivity and privacy throughout their stay.

  • Private room. There are cases when an Airbnb host is renting out one room of their house but there are house rules that they need to follow to maintain order and professionalism between the host and guest.

  • Shared room. For those guests who are on a budget, they can sleep in one room with other beds open to other Airbnb guests.

Private and shared rooms are such rare cases these days since almost all Airbnb users prefer an entire place to rent. After all, we all deserve a “homey” rental stay, right?

How to consistently give excellent service the Airbnb way

Even for start-up hosts, you can provide quality accommodation to guests and secure that 5-star review after their stay. Meeting them warmly and making sure their needs are being attended are just some of the list as you should:

  • Build trust with guests. Let your guests feel that they’re welcome and you don’t need to monitor them from time to time. Avoid unexpected visits that can disrupt their private stay. Let them feel you trust them enough to take care of your home.

  • Acknowledge guests’ needs and preferences. Note that every guest you accommodate is unique. Respect personal boundaries and update only when it’s necessary or if they engage with you first.

  • Communication is essential. Pass on important information to your guests if you think they need it before and upon arrival to make sure everything is good to go as this can help you address underlying issues ahead of time.

  • Make sure you’re within reach. It is important to always turn your notifications on in case your guest will message or call you when something unexpected comes up. Respond promptly if you can. For some, hiring a property manager could free them up from this responsibility. 

  • Provide local pointers. As to how Airbnb puts it, “…share insider tips with directions to your place or the best ways to use local public transit. If there might be construction nearby or restrictive street parking options, offer guests a proper heads-up for getting around and provide alternatives if possible.” This way you can engage with them if they’re unfamiliar with the vicinity or if they tour around or just take a stroll.

What other things guests expect from you?

  • Complete self-check-in instructions and house rules. Share it 24 hours before check-in so guests will be ready for everything and to get inside smoothly.

  •  Accurate listing information. Providing this will help travellers decide if your property meets their needs or are there any restrictions set for them to be aware of (e.g. smoking, littering, pets, etc.). To avoid misleading potential guests, you have to update photos of your current property, address, and directions that you give only if the booking is confirmed.

  • Amenities. Essentials such as soap, toilet paper, fresh towels, linens/sheets, and pillows for them to be comfortable during their stay should be provided. Other amenities are in the hands of the host’s capabilities but the more amenities you include, the more guests you attract to book your place.

Now that you’re equipped with basic knowledge on how to give a positive experience to guests, it’s time to practice it, execute it, and learn from your guests’ feedbacks. For hosting, management services, and cheap accommodation, you can reach us at 1-888-538-7769 or e-mail your queries at marketing@prowessproperty.ca.