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  Airbnb in Calgary during COVID19 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people all over Canada, Airbnb is stepping up by offering free or subsidized housing for people working as “front liners.” This includes healthcare professionals, emergency workers, and relief personnel. You check out Airbnb all over Canada for this including Calgary Airbnb.

This is Airbnb’s way of helping all medical workers and first responders who are providing life-saving support in this time of the pandemic outbreak. Airbnb has heard from countless hosts not only in Airbnb in Calgary but in the whole country who want to provide a comfortable place to stay for these heroic front liners.

Standards must be met

Of course, homes and apartments made available by property owners and rental property companies must meet a standard of cleanliness and sanitation to be determined by Airbnb-selected medical experts. Airbnb’s goal is to house workers not only from Canada but from around the world if necessary. Any front liner looking for accommodations and hosts who would like to make their property available can visit an Airbnb portal specifically designed for the program.

Airbnb’s “Open Homes Platform” gives hosts the option to open their homes for free to meet the needs of people requiring emergency housing. Also in line with this program, Airbnb expanded its “Extenuating Circumstances” policy. This permits guests to cancel or move their bookings without paying a fee in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

This move came in light of the fact that many travelers and even front liners were trying to get home or back to work and had to change their plans as the pandemic spread and Canadian provinces and municipalities introduced quarantines and travel bans.

Accommodation options for front liners Calgary Airbnb and other Airbnb’s all over the country have made its homes and listings viable again because many medical and emergency workers are opting to isolate from their own families and loved ones due to their heightened risk of exposure to COVID-19. Others are seeking out places to stay that are closer to their workplaces and eliminate the need to commute far.