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Best spots in Manitou Beach, SK

It’s summertime, and vacation spots are slowly opening up again. Summer is the season when adventure seekers seek out water sports. In Saskatchewan, one of the best places to spend the summer is Manitou Beach. Individuals, groups of friends, and families were able to participate in numerous water and non-water activities here. Visit Manitou Beach and discover great summer spots.

Summer is in the air and vacation spots are slowly reopening. When you talk of summer, people would always look for water adventure. One of the never abandoned places, especially in summer, in Saskatchewan is the Manitou Beach. Lots of water and non-water activities are offered here that individuals, friends, and families loved. Let’s go back to Manitou Beach and visit the wonderful spots for summer.

Interesting spots to visit

Historic Danceland was built to replace the older dance hall on that location. This has been a Saskatchewan legend. It offers summer dances nights, entertainment, and licensed dining for buffets. Special events like conventions, weddings, and other important events are held here. This place is simply an excellent location for all your events.

Drive-in movie theatres are another way to enjoy summer in Manitou with social distancing requirements of course. It is expected that a lesser number of people will be allowed to enter at a given time. Though major studios had postponed production, re-runs or playing CD movies are allowed at a reduced fee. This outdoor movie theater will be seasonal and would be operational from mid of May until early September.

The Little Manitou Art Gallery is now back to business. It showcases the original artworks of over a hundred artists. The artworks are displayed in 5 pavilions and visitors can stroll along spiral garden paths. There are also music and performers found here during this summer.

Manitou Beach Rental Vacation Home

The spots mentioned above are just someplace you can explore in visiting Manitou. So, when you can find time to relax and enjoy, try to visit the Manitou Beach. You can go for a short-term rental vacation home located along Maclachlan Avenue. Our vacation house is just in front of Manitou Beach. This is a remarkable vacation home by Prowess Property Management.

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