As long as short-term rental businesses continue to thrive and gain recognition from the public, so are fraud and scam. With the advancing of technology, people can now easily manipulate data online and of course – perceptions of innocent customers. But the good thing here is

As a vacation homeowner, your guest’s experience is your top priority. You have to consider the time they spent on travel just to get to your place – well, they’re pretty much exhausted. And providing a concise check-in instruction will surely relieve their furrowed brows

I bet you’ve seen countless stylish Airbnb properties online and thought about the state of your own: is it still gaining positive reviews? Am I still earning a stream of monthly income? Have I taken notes on my previous guests’ feedback? If you’re second-guessing answering

The marketing space globally is ever-changing. It transitioned and eventually paved the way to a new breed of property management companies earning both profit and customer satisfaction every after stay. Statistics from iProperty Management say that 81 percent of property managers were surveyed and found

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