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Since its first outbreak in March of last year, the Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected land and air travel. It is likely that Canadians at this time are at risk. The government is doing what they can to prevent the spread of the virus, contain it, and always encourage the people to always protect themselves by wearing a face mask, avoiding contact with others, and sanitizing before and after going out.

The Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected both land and air travel since its first outbreak on March just last year. Right now, the risk to the Canadian citizens is considered high. Having it said, the government is extending their best effort to contain the virus, lessen the spread, and continually advise the people to always protect themselves: wear facemask, practice social distancing, and to always sanitize before and after you go out of your respective homes.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is maximizing all they can do to collaborate with health experts and the local communities susceptible to the virus. For more information and to keep you updated with the current COVID-19 news, you can visit these resource.