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Finding it Hard Evaluating Airbnb Guests? Here’s How You Do It!

Take a moment to picture yourself as a host, excited by the responsibilities that come along with it. It is time-consuming, stressful, and requiring effort on your part. Listing your property on Airbnb or any other similar site means that you must be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Imagine yourself as a host and you’re excited about the responsibilities that go along with it. It can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and requires effort on your part. When you list your property to Airbnb or any similar site, you have to expect that the worst scenarios can happen.

Theft, the discomfort of guests, an unexpected number of visitors, and even trashing one’s property could be encountered if tenant screening is poorly done. From our previous topic, we tackled the functions of a short-term property manager and the responsibilities you have to embody.

Now, we’ll go about and discuss how to evaluate a prospective tenant or guest to prevent potential scam or worse, property destruction.

But before that…

Evaluating a tenant (for long-term) and guest (for short-term) takes time. It is an essential step to ensure that you are letting someone in your property knowing that s/he will take good care of the place.

Though short-term rental properties are at risk of fraudulent intents, Airbnb for instance protects hosts from these incidents by pledging up to $1 million for property damage. The site is also issuing damage deposits (depends on the host’s discretion) from guests so hosts can claim them if there are damages present every after stay.

You’re not over-reacting if you’re thinking that every inquiry you receive is a suspected scam. You can hire professional tenant screening services to make you feel at ease but there are ways and tips you can keep in mind whenever you evaluate a guest and red flags to notice beforehand.

So let’s get going.

How do you evaluate a tenant/guest?

If you search online, you can click different links that will redirect you to pages about tenant screening. Some of them are general information you can generally consume but let’s narrow it down to short-term properties.

  1. Always abide by the laws. There are laws enforced to protect both hosts and guests. You must treat each inquiry EQUALLY. As much as possible, avoid questions that pertain to a person’s national origin, race, sexual orientation, or disability.
  2. Consult a tenant screening service. For short-term rentals, there are property management companies that include this along with other services you can choose from. With improved screening techniques, they’ll be able to filter who are potential guests and who is just taking advantage of your property.
  3. Check the reviews. Airbnb has a review feature wherein host reviews can be read on the guest’s profile before confirming the booking. This feature applies to hosts as well.

Reading your guest’s review is a good way to know him/her better, feedbacks from previous hosts, and also check for negative reviews if there are any.

You might want to check some points in terms of leaving the place untidy, unmindful of the house rules, or complaints from previous hosts. You can consider these as red flags and evaluate for yourself afterward.

  • Profile Verification. The best way to check a potential guest’s identity is to take advantage of the Airbnb guest verification feature. Since setting up an Airbnb account requires you to put essential information such as your name, address, contact number, and even add a photo to your profile.

This is to ensure that the guests are not just made up accounts but they’re who they say they are. You might want to check for that verified ID badge on the guest’s profile.

  • Read all the information provided to you. This includes the inquiries sent to you by potential guests. Requests such as a quick getaway or visiting a friend from a nearby place seem legit but if you’re still uneasy about it, you can always ask them follow-up questions so you can puzzle down the pieces and make sense out of it.

There’s no harm in asking questions unless the guest is hesitant is giving you information, right?

Other points to consider

As you screen your guests, look out for the following:

  • Inconsistencies. A legit guest would communicate his/her concerns to you beforehand. S/he will make sure everything will be good to go and set on the expected date.

But watch out for guests who want to communicate outside the platform (Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, etc.). It is wise to transact in the platform and never give out information about your property if the booking is not confirmed yet.

  • Perform a web search. Maybe this isn’t necessary especially for short-term guests but doing a quick web search won’t do any harm, right? Of course, not all information about the guest will show up but at least if there’s any information you can utilize then you can use that to evaluate the guest much better.

  • Trust your instincts. It’s good to hire someone to do the tenant screening for you but at the end of the day, your instincts would come in handy. If the guests make you uncomfortable, then you can decline the request. If the conversation doesn’t feel right, then probably there’s something wrong with it.

Your property is your investment and keeping the bad guys away is one way of protecting it.

How can Prowess Property Management help you?

At Prowess Property Management, we ensure that guests checking in and checking out our guests with verified profiles and have reputable reviews. With years of hosting experience, we’ve encountered countless guests to distinguish who is potential and at the same time, unravel fraudster accounts.

Talk to us today and let’s discuss how we can maximize your property’s future.


The rental property industry continues to strive even with the struggles we face presently. The fact that short-term rental properties are prone to malicious intents from unwanted swindlers, we can always keep these steps in mind and make the most out of them to prevent scenarios like these to happen. For property management services, don’t hesitate and give us a call at 1-888-538-7769 or e-mail your queries at marketing@prowessproperty.ca.