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Guide in Hiring a Property Manager

You could say that a property manager has a lot on his or her plate. While they’re called “property managers,” they actually carry several responsibilities all connected to that single title. And their work differs from day to day. No two days are the same with the work of a property manager.

Hiring a good property manager means that person has to excel in efficiency, be effective in handling responsibilities, and able to meet all expectations and activities connected with the work. And not only that, but the property manager has the main responsibility of ensuring the property owner of continuing maximum profitability for the property being handled.

Thus, if you need to hire a property manager, you need to look for a person – and the company they represent – that adheres to principles of discipline, core honesty, and commitment to high performance. You need to look for, at least, these four “principles” in a property manager or company.

Being Dynamic

A high performing property manager knows that being dynamic automatically comes with the job because the mindset is to be available 24/7 and respond at a moment’s notice, all year-round. This means that the manager understands the use of technology and can handle anything using this technology, from responding to guests, updating cleaning schedules, to checking out repairs, without the hindrance of location.

Quick Responsiveness

Part of the job means responding to every want and need of the guests, 24/7, because maintaining happy guests is the critical factor in sustaining high reviews for any property so that others may also check into the property in the future. All guests, no matter who they are, share the same need of having their questions replied to quickly and their issues resolved as fast as possible.

Efficiency means Quality

Completing tasks in the most efficient way means that property managers cannot finish any task just half baked. This is why aside from having teams of professional cleaners, handymen, and even gardeners, managers need to use every modern tool available not only for daily or requested tasks but also for innovations like improving the state of the property. This will include doing listings, bookings, advertising, pricing, and doing guest reviews.

Being Seen Always

Being the property manager means being exposed all the time; the first to be seen by guests when they check-in, and the last person the guests see when they check out. But being seen also means the ability of the manager to handle the property owner in person and being able to see the maximum potential of the property being managed, no matter how big or small.

Prowess Property Management In the Calgary and Saskatoon areas, Prowess has been managing short-term rental properties for almost 9 years. They have the professionalism and experience to handle different guests on a daily basis, keeping these guests happy, while also keeping the property owner satisfied with the income that comes in regularly. If you have properties you want to be managed for short-term rentals, give us a call on +1 (587) 570-7359.