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Manitou and District Regional Park

Manitou and District Regional Park

Manitou and District Regional Park is located 8km north of Watrous on Highway 365. For the locals, this park and Little Manitou Lake share the same concept, which provides tourists and travelers an avenue to relax and revel in the outdoor activities specially prepared for them.

Little Manitou Lake is known for its healing properties. The lake’s saline level is five times higher than the ocean, so buoyant it is almost impossible to sink. People visit the lake they have mentioned it cured skin problems, arthritis, and joint pains. You can enjoy the waters, campground, golf course, and park amenities that make up the whole place.

Manitou and District Regional Park

What to Expect

For park reservations, there is a $5 non-refundable fee that is applied to all bookings.  Amenities include Camp Kitchens, Cellular Service, Group Facilities, Hiking Trails, Drinking Water, Firewood, Picnic Tables, Showers, and Modern Washrooms.

Park Entries are as follows: there is a 3-day visitor pass worth $5. 3-day camping at $6 and a week camping pass at $15. Season passes are $50. Pets are permitted as long as the owner takes full responsibility for the animal and should not be left unattended. It must be secured with a leash should there be a need to control the animal.

Manitou & District Regional Park’s Quick Timeline

Many changed due to past innovations, and the advancement of technology has made this place more appropriate and conducive for the visitors. Here’s a quick time of how this park came to be.

manitou and district regional park


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