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Post Pandemic World

In the foreseeable future in a post-COVID virus pandemic world – unless a vaccine can offer a global treatment – and the virus can only be controlled or isolated, but not completely eradicated, hotel stays will likely be a stripped-down affair. Guests will definitely see significant changes the next time they check-in anywhere. No matter what type of hotel, everyone can say goodbye to personalized services and amenities, breakfast buffets, bellhop, and room service. Say hello to temperature screening and keyless check-in.

Less community, more social distancing Hotels will surely implement social distancing, and this will mean less communal access even with fellow guests. Even minibars, spa treatments, and valet service will be suspended. Guests themselves will want keyless and contactless check-in and checkout with few personalized interactions. Elevators will be limited to two per trip, and almost everything that can be publicly touched will be continuously disinfected.

It’s no different with rental properties, but with a twist if you take all of the above and look into short-term rental properties, the descriptions fit perfectly, but with a certain twist. Look into any Calgary Airbnb listing and take a look at the rental homes available.

Anywhere you go, especially in Canada, the demand for tourism and family trips will surely return because people will want to get out of the house and even the city or town where they were cooped up during more than three months of quarantine. Take a look at what’s available on Airbnb such as Airbnb in Calgary.

When you choose to get a rental property instead of checking into a hotel, take a look at three advantages:

  1. Socially distant with privacy when you’ve checked into a rental property, it will feel more like home because it is a home. You’ll only come into contact with the rental property manager, and you won’t have to worry about other guests, because there’s none. You have the whole place to yourself. You and your family will feel safer inside a rental property.
  2. Hygiene is a top concern hygiene, cleanliness, and disinfecting will be the prime concern of the rental property manager. Unlike a hotel that needs to keep rooms, lobbies, and other vast spaces clean and disinfected, a rental property is easier to maintain. Also, the rental property manager will always be in constant contact with the cleaning team.
  3. It’s still better, price-wise compared to any hotel room price with any Airbnb rental property listing, such as Calgary Airbnb, and you’ll see a big difference. And for the price you’re paying, you get privacy, social distancing from others, a hygienically clean and disinfected home, and a rental property manager that you can contact at any time, 24/7, should any problem come up.

When the pandemic dies down, and you want to see other places like Calgary, Saskatoon, Elkford, Millarville, and Manitou Beach, look up Prowess Property Management on Airbnb listings such as Calgary Airbnb to find some of the best rental properties available.