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Property Managers do during the COVID19 crisis?

Hundreds of people have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and short-term vacation rentals have been hit especially hard. But despite the crisis, there are a number of things that property managers can do to ensure their business keeps going as well as boost profits and ensure the safety of anyone renting a short-term apartment or house.

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has hit the tourism sector and short-term vacation rentals very hard. Despite the crisis, property managers can do some things not only to keep the business going but also to ensure the safety of anyone who wants to rent any short-term rental property.

Communication is the Key So Be Transparent

Have in mind that everyone – from guests, owners, and property management staff – will be looking up to the property manager for safety measures. A property manager needs to keep up to date with all safety measures as mandated by the federal and local government because, literally, their lives depend on it. Guests and owners need to be assured that all steps are being taken to keep the property clean and disinfected. The cleaning and maintenance staff are all professionals, so they understand that all full and extra measures in the name of protection are meant to protect everyone and not just the renters.

Be Creative and Take Ready Actions

Property managers need to adapt to these pandemic times. Here are some creative actions they can take to protect the renters and themselves.

  • Offer video conferencing bookings and virtual tours of the rental property. In this way, the renter doesn’t need to be there physically. During the receiving and check out, talk to only the primary renter, should there be other people with the renter. Remember to keep a physical distance of 1 metre apart.
  • Always update all rental listings and advertisements. Someone is still bound to rent even during the crisis.
  • Find new niche or target markets. Focus on frontline workers who need a place to rent near their workplace. Or target persons or families who want to get out of a heavily targeted coronavirus area.
  • Focus on domestic or local travellers. With the slow easing of lockdowns, travelling within a province will resume slowly.
  • Discuss with the owner if they can lower the rental price, for now. A little sacrifice today may go a long way later. If the service provided by the property manager was supreme, there is the possibility of a return customer, a more extended stay, or a good review and good word of mouth.

And best of all, a good property manager
will make sure that their staff will clean thoroughly between guests to keep others safe, and to use the most effective cleaning products and procedures with no short cuts. The property manager can also leave cleaning agents so guests can keep the property clean and disinfected.

Prowess Property Management

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