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Rental Properties on the right side of neighbours?

It is unfortunate that in this age of a short-rental property boom, a few locations in North America are cracking down on the growth of these vacation rentals. In a few cases, short-term rentals are simply banned altogether by introducing draconian licensing regulations, no thanks to the influence of hotel proprietors who can influence some politicians.

It is undeniable that short-term vacation rentals are experiencing constant rising popularity. Some vacation rental listings have over 255,000 properties in one province alone. The big challenge here is keeping the balance between transient tourism and residential neighborhood harmony since most vacation rentals are located in purely residential areas.

While this minor but challenging trend does not affect the majority of properties in the short-term rental industry, it does highlight some of the issues that can release complaints about vacation properties. For those directly involved in short-term rental properties such as the homeowners themselves and rental property management companies, the challenge is to clean out some of the common arguments used against short-term rentals, such as:

Excessive Noise

Rental property managers should find ways to set certain “house rules” and make sure that guests are made aware of these rules, including keeping the noise down, day or night. These house rules can also be printed and displayed inside the property.

Straying and Barking Dogs

Some vacationers do bring their dogs with them since the properties are residential in nature. Again, as part of the “house rules,” the rental property manager should make sure that the guests understand that their dogs should be kept on a leash and the amount of barking kept to a minimum.

Renters Ignoring Property Lines

This may be prevalent in residential neighbourhoods wherein the properties are not fenced in. Again, as part of the “house rules,” rental property managers should remind guests not to stray outside property lines lest they invite the ire of the neighbours. This may happen if the guests decide to have a barbecue in the backyard and drunkenly stray into other properties.

Garbage Disposal

Again, as part of the “house rules,” rental property managers need to remind guests to dispose of trash and garbage properly. Since the property is in a residential neighbourhood, there are certain garbage disposal regulations already put in, such as garbage pickup schedules.

General Disrespect of Neighbours

In reality, though this can be part of the “house rules,” the responsibility of educating guests and renters on short-term rental etiquette lies firmly with either the homeowners or the rental property management company. It is up to them to make sure how renters should behave in the vacation rental industry, especially if the renters are a large group.

All of the above can all be done by providing – as mentioned earlier – a well-written and clear pre-arrival instructions and set of “house rules” as well as a comprehensive guide to the short-term rental industry. Also, careful selection and screening of renters can also be done by the rental property management company in order to maintain harmony with neighbours.

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