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Rental Property Management that can Highlight your Property

For the uninitiated, rental property management is getting someone else – usually a property management company – to act as a sort of surrogate landlord for you.

Sure, you’re still the landlord because you own the property, but the property management company does all the heavy lifting that can be stressful to you, such as searching for renters and cleaning and maintaining the property.

If you own property/properties and you want to rent it out to earn income, or perhaps you’re already renting it out but feeling hassled with all the work associated with being a landlord, you need to get in touch with a property management company. Look at the advantages highlighted here and see for yourself.

You can maximize your income

As mentioned earlier, you can double your income by letting a property manager handle your short-term rentals instead of just doing long-term rents. The property manager will do all the listings and advertising online so more people can spot your property, and offer rental packages that renters can choose from. Bookings are handled by the manager including screening and running background checks to ensure your renters/guests are reliable. Even online reviews are handled by the manager.

Your property is well cared for

The property manager will personally check-in and check-out guests so keys are handled personally. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs are all handled by the manager because the property management company employs professional cleaners, handymen, plumbers, electricians, and even gardeners. If guests need anything, the property manager promptly responds, whatever time of day, or even in the middle of the night.

Happy guests, high reviews

The manager makes sure that maintenance and housekeeping are kept at a 5-star standard, and this bottom line means guests will feel comfortable and satisfied. Add to this the personal touch of meeting and greeting the guests when they arrive and leave, and personally handling any problems that arise, this will surely push up reviews of your property. There is constant communication with the renters when necessary. Online, when other viewers look at pictures of your property, the photography is done professionally using modern equipment. After all, professional-looking property photos will mean more rentals.

Prowess Property Management

If you are searching for rental properties in Calgary, Saskatoon, or anywhere in Saskatchewan, or perhaps if you have property that you want managed, get in touch with Prowess Property Management. Since 2012, Prowess has been handling properties in these areas with high reviews and more than satisfied guests/renters. You can call us at +1 (587) 570-7355.