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Simple Ways to Help You Market Your Airbnb during Low Seasons

Generating month-to-month bookings is an accomplishment that every Airbnb hosts dreams to have. Let’s say you have the resources with you: a furnished property, full amenities, a great location, and a platform where you can expose your listing to all users out there. But how do you survive low seasons where inquiries are scarce?

Low seasons depend on the place or country you’re from. It is usually during the winter season where people would just prefer to spend the holidays in the comfort of their homes and thus, a lesser number of bookings is generated within that period.

With that thought, there are numerous ways and strategies that you can adapt in these challenging times to boost your listing and to get positive results. You can either follow these techniques or you can test them to one of your properties so you can see varied results.

Get Creative with your Marketing Ideas

Marketing plays a vital role in promoting your listing online. Without proper marketing strategy, chances are you’ll lose potential guests that might book a night or two in your property. Listing your property on Airbnb is advantage alone but you can be savvy with using other platforms that other users utilize when booking vacation rentals.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the examples. You can get your listing on local tourism websites, let a blogger promote your property, and you can even tell your friends and relatives about your rental space. The possibilities are endless as long as you can deliver it well and you can track your progress to learn the trend.

Adjust your Nightly Price

Adjusting your Airbnb nightly price is one way to gain higher rankings on the platform. Price is one of the most significant factors affecting your listing’s survival during Airbnb’s off-season. This is probably the primary strategy that changed my business in the off-season.

You can use applications like Beyond Pricing or manually adjust your nightly price depending on the property you’re handling. Beyond Pricing, for instance, is an app that calculates the optimal price for each day in your calendar based on the following criteria:

  • Historical performance of your ad
  • Performance of recent ads
  • Daily demand (based on hotel prices, flight data, and       conferences)

You need to understand your fixed costs (incurred independently of the guest occupying your space, e.g., rent or mortgage) and variable costs (paid while the guest is in your area, e.g., electricity) to know what your space should be a realistic reserve price.

For the minimum, this is the amount you would accept for a booking that allows you to earn money instead of keeping a seat.  As mentioned above, it takes math to get this number equal to your fixed costs plus the variable costs for that booking plus how much you value your time.

The minimum is not what you want. Many hosts make this mistake and price their minimums way too high during Airbnb’s offseason.

Polish your Airbnb SEO

When we talk about Airbnb SEO, there are over 100 Airbnb ranking factors, some of which you can control. If you are not yet working on optimizing your listing, the offseason would be the best time to do so. The first place you can bring in changes instantly is by writing. Make sure you’ve written the most eye-catching Airbnb headline, that your Airbnb description is as emotionally appealing as possible, and that your Airbnb profile makes you look like a great host to stay with.


When getting reservations, make sure you provide the best hospitality experience so you get more 5-star reviews, which by far is one of the biggest ranking factors on Airbnb. Airbnb really seriously, you can get tools online like RankBreeze, which is a useful application for your Airbnb optimization that tracks your ranking at all times.

Modify your House Rules

Maybe it’s time for you to let your guests bring their favorite dog, even if you’ve always had a strict pet ban policy, people want to use your offer to organize a family reunion even though you haven’t always talked about parties? and just use noise monitoring tools to make sure they’re not too crazy.

Some Airbnb hosts require guests to strictly abide by all policies before they can book a unit. to see if it helps you increase your off-season occupancy, which can help you get higher occupancy during low-season short-term rentals.

Update the Minimum Stay per Property

Some are put off by guests who only want to stay one night. Allow to book for one night only. There is no such risk as it seems. If this season is really tough on your business, you should try every tactic you can to increase your occupancy off-season. a handful of people for one night can make a big difference right now!

Rely on your data. Find out in last year’s low season Airbnb rentals – were they couples without kids? Maybe they were retirees fleeing the cold winter, or maybe they were small entrepreneurs looking for affordable shelter for executives? Find out how many guests you received on average per booking. How many rooms did you use? Start by understanding who your past guests were as this will help you define who your ideal off-season guests are.

Once you know when the off-season is and who’s coming to you at that time of year, you’re ready to tweak your Airbnb rentals marketing strategy to capture more bookings.

Offer Discounts

Your Airbnb pricing tool sets the prices for your listing, and there’s no harm in letting your potential customers know that prices are lower than usual. The word “discount” is a powerful word that always catches the eyes and creates an emotional response in your potential customers, leading to more clicks of your ad and more bookings. This is a quick and easy trick that I have used successfully.

For guests you receive during Airbnb’s off-season, let them know, their friends and family (or acquaintances, it doesn’t matter) can get a discount due to the off-season if they mention the guest’s name or a code that come on.

This can work very well in certain places. You can even use automated messaging software like Smartbnb or other apps you find and utilize to make sure all your guests receive this message a few days after leaving your unit.

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