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Social Distancing Through Short-Term Rentals

Despite the enhanced quarantine lockdown in Canada, Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms and companies are offering “safe-haven” homes and “quarantine apartments” as retreats for social distancing purposes. It’s like an Airbnb property management concept that is being exploited by provinces with fewer coronavirus cases and deaths.

While the majority of coronavirus cases and deaths are clustered in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, the number of cases and deaths in British Columbia and Alberta are manageable, while the numbers in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and Labrador remain very low. As one property management Calgary company puts it, many families would rather ride out the pandemic in safer and tranquil environments such as Saskatoon, Elkford, Millarville, Edmonton, Manitou Beach, and even Calgary.

Taking Measured Action

While tourist and vacation rentals have easily ground to zero, short-term rentals won’t go into a complete blank if you can respond efficiently and adapt to a new set of possible short-term renters.

For instance, aside from those wanting to get out of cities, you can also
target front liner workers who need to go around because of their work.

  • Continue to keep short-term rental properties operational in case of short-notice bookings. These bookings are usually last-resort-spur of-the-moment decisions by families to get out of Dodge before lockdowns get worse.
  • Lower your rates to remain competitive. Some families will have a mind-set that prices should be lower because of the pandemic. Indulge them, and they’ll book with you.
  • Try to offer promotions and other discounts to entice renters to stay longer.
  • Consider what actions to take to attract other types of renters such as front liner workers (healthcare workers, truckers, delivery workers, federal health investigators, etc.).

Keep the Properties Clean

Everyone knows the dangers of the virus, and keeping the property clean and disinfected is one way to prevent the spread, and is a great attraction to renters. Make sure to educate the cleaning staff on areas that need to be extra cleaned and disinfected, such as the bathrooms and kitchen, and door and drawer handles. Disinfect brushes, sponges,
and cleaning materials with detergent and warm water. Most of all, educate cleaning staff on proper hygiene practices and to clean their hands before and after they enter the property.

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