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Summer in Manitou Beach SK

The third phase of the Re-Open Saskatchewan initiative will take place full swing beginning June 10. In addition to the number of businesses participating, in addition to the opening of beaches and playgrounds, municipal sanitation plans will also apply.

Phase 3 of Re-Open Saskatchewan will go full swing beginning June 10. This means, aside from more businesses and stores opening, beaches and playgrounds will also be opening, of course, subject to municipal sanitation plans.

Manitou Beach, the lake, and other tourist and vacation areas that are already open or are about to open on June 10 can only be reserved and visited by Saskatchewan residents since travel to other provinces is still on a very limited and essential basis only.

A lot already opening at Manitou Beach

Generally, the Manitou Lake area is so peaceful and devoid of crowds, and many people are saying there won’t be a lot to do because of the municipal health precautions on everything that is opening. But that’s the point in heading towards the lake because it’s so tranquil and relaxing, a far cry from the “dead and haunting silence” you experienced in the cities during the stressful lockdown. At the lake, the stress-free peacefulness also gives you a chance to
be one with nature. 

The Manitou Beach Mini Mart is now open. If you’re staying in a rental cabin home near the Manitou Lake just to enjoy the tranquility, you can drop by the mini-mart for groceries, snacks, and ice cream. It’s located across from Relics and the Little Manitou Art Gallery, both to be opening soon.

The Manitou Beach Golf Club already opened last May 15. If you want to relive your rounds of golf, now is the time to do it.

If you missed the movies, aside from relaxing at your rental cabin home near the lake, you could take the family to the Manitou Beach, Wolseley, and Carlyle drive-in movies. Car loaded families will be welcome with special rules in place.

And of course, the Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary has already opened recently.

Manitou Beach Cabin for Rent

While camping grounds will be opening soon, there will be so many restrictions that it takes away all the fun of camping itself. Also, camping grounds will have limited access due to physical distancing. Also, hotels and other accommodations will make social distancing such a conscious thing because of the presence of other guests.

Instead, why not rent a short-term vacation rental cabin along Maclachlan Avenue at Manitou Beach? You get a lot off peace and quiet, cook your own meals, and you don’t need to worry about social distancing because you’ll have all the privacy you need with your family.

Get in touch with Prowess Property Management for details and reservations. You can also search for the rental cabin in Facebook.