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Saskatchewan is Rolling Out for Phase 2: It’s Time to Relax at Manitou Beach (But in Social Distancing Safety)

A new health plan will soon be launched in Saskatchewan. People are thinking that perhaps it will be better under Phase 2 of its Reopening Plan. You should leave the city and leave the house and go somewhere else. Following more than eight weeks of being cooped up in quarantine, I moved to the suburbs for a while afterwards. 

Saskatchewan will soon be rolling out Phase 2 of its Reopening Plan, and many people are thinking that perhaps it’s time to get out of the house and go somewhere else and leave the city and suburbs for a while after being cooped up in quarantine for more than eight weeks. While inter-province and international travel is still not allowed, or very limited at best, Saskatchewan has one tourist and health attraction that you can go to and just relax: Little Manitou Lake in Manitou Beach.

Why Relax at Manitou Beach?

You’ve been cooped up in quarantine at home, seeing the same walls and furniture for some time. So now that there’s a chance to go out. Why not go and see nature at its best, especially at this time of the year? And the best place for that is at Manitou Beach. There’s nothing like the natural beauty that surrounds Manitou Beach and around Little
Manitou Lake.

Now that Manitou Beach is opening once again, you need to take a dip into the waters of Manitou Lake to refresh your health back after all that time staying indoors. You need to breathe in the fresh air and mineral content aroma of the lake.

For the golf enthusiasts, the Manitou Beach Golf Club has been opened again last May 15. Beginning June 1, the camping grounds, most businesses in the town of Watrous, and the Spring Resort will be opening once again. Of course, rules on social distancing and other health precautions will need to be followed, so capacity will surely be halved. The same goes for the public beaches on Manitou Lake.

Social Distancing Accommodation

When making plans for your trip to Manitou Beach, take into account that your accommodations should consider precautions such as social distancing. So, instead of staying at a motel, B&B, or even the campgrounds that will expose you to many people that may come in contact with you, stay instead at a short-term rental property that will give you not only privacy and social distancing, but also the ability to cook your meals, and relax in relative safety.

Prowess Property Management has the perfect vacation home rental for you and your family. Its Manitou Beach Cabin is for rent the whole year-round. What better time to take advantage of this wonderful rental cabin than during your rest and recreation at Manitou Beach. You can check out the Manitou Beach Cabin on the Prowess Property Facebook page.