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Tips on How to Prepare Properties in Short Term Rentals

If you want to start a short term rental, you need to know how to prepare properties. This can be difficult if it’s your first time. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Know Your Business

  • Know Your Business
  • The first step in preparing a property for short term rental is understanding your local laws on the matter. Figuring out what they are will help you figure out how to adapt your property so that it meets all of the requirements, and can be rented legally. If you don’t know what the local law is, ask someone who does or look it up online. Either way, knowing this information will keep you from getting into trouble with the law and make sure that your rental property stays profitable over time.

  • Permits & Taxes
  • If you decide that renting out your home on a short term basis suits your needs, then working with an accountant or tax professional could be beneficial as well; especially if taxes are involved with owning/renting a house in any capacity (like being considered “homesteaded”). This way they can explain tax implications if applicable (such as how much value may be gained by selling) so that decisions about whether or not this type of investment makes sense for them financially won’t end up costing them more than their initial investment incurred during repairs needed before use began.”

    Understand the Local Law

    • Understand the local law. In some cities, short-term rentals are illegal or require a permit. Make sure you check with the local government to see if you need a license and what restrictions apply to your particular property.
    • The number of guests renting your property may be restricted by city ordinance, so be sure to check this as well. If there are no restrictions on the number of guests, consider limiting it yourself—guests can sometimes have an impact on neighbors in terms of noise and parking issues, for example.
    • Finally, be aware that local laws governing pets could affect how many animals are allowed on your property at once (or at all).

    Clean the Property

    To ensure your property is ready for guests, you should thoroughly clean it before listing it on a short-term rental platform. The following cleaning tips will help you get your home ready for the next guest:

    • Remove all personal items from the property. This includes clothes, toiletries, books and magazines and even your toothbrush! You don’t want to leave behind anything that could be interpreted as belonging to yourself or another person in the home.
    • Make sure the property is clean and tidy. You can do this by dusting shelves and windowsills, wiping down furniture and floors, scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens (especially if there are any stains), washing dishes left in cabinets or on counters (if applicable), etcetera! Just make sure that everything looks nice when guests arrive at their destination – they deserve only high quality standards while staying at one of these properties!

    Check-In Policy

    When you’re renting a property, it’s important to clearly state your check-in policy. This should include the time of day that guests can check in, a contact number and/or email address where they can reach you if they get lost/can’t find the place and any other relevant information.

    Make sure your check-in times are flexible enough so that guests don’t have to rush from the airport or train station straight to your rental without being able to unpack their luggage or even take off their shoes! If one guest is arriving at 7pm, but another arrives at 8pm and is staying on separate floors of your house, both guests still need time after arrival to settle in before going out for dinner or spending time together as a group (if applicable).

    Make it Clean and Ready

    Clean your property before the guests arrive.

    • Clean the property after your guests leave.
    • Clean between each guest if you have multiple reservations in one week
    • Deep clean on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly) to keep things fresh and spick-and-span for your next guests!
    Tips on how to prepare properties in short term rentals

    Customize the Property

    • Add personal touches. It may seem daunting to customize your property, but think of it as an opportunity to make the place feel like home. Use your own photos and artwork, add furniture that makes you smile (or at least would fit in with what you already have), add decorations that are meaningful or special to you, stock the kitchen with items that reflect your taste and interests.
    • Make it cozy: You can accomplish this by adding lots of pillows for lounging on the couch or chair, creating a sense of coziness. Throw blankets can be used for warmth during colder months; they also create a soothing effect when covering up with one during late-night movie nights or book reading sessions! The more comfortable people feel during their stay at your rental unit, the more likely they will want to come back again soon!

    Stock the Essentials

    Before you rent out your property, it’s important to stock up on some essentials. A good place to start is with the items listed below.

    • Toilet paper
    • Soap/shampoo/conditioner
    • Toothpaste and toothbrush (for each bathroom)
    • Towels (both bath and hand)

    If you can’t get these items easily when they’re needed, your tenant will be very unhappy!

    Tips on how to prepare properties in short term rentals

    These are things you should consider when preparing a rental property.

    Before you start to prepare your property, it is important that you know your business. Understanding the local law and regulations will help with this. There are some important things to consider when preparing a rental property such as:

    • cleaning
    • check-in policy
    • making it clean and ready
    • customizing the property


    These are just some of the most important things to consider when preparing your property for the next guest. There is so much more that can go into making sure that they have a great stay, but these tips should be enough to get you started. If you need more information on what else there is to know about short term rentals then check out other articles on our blog!