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Tips that will Guide You in Remodeling your Airbnb!

I’m sure you’ve looked at countless stylish Airbnb properties online, and wondered about the status of your own: is it still gaining good reviews? Is it still making money for me? What feedback have I received from previous guests? It’s okay if you’re hesitant to answer these questions. It might just need a little work before you give it another shot.

I bet you’ve seen countless stylish Airbnb properties online and thought about the state of your own: is it still gaining positive reviews? Am I still earning a stream of monthly income? Have I taken notes on my previous guests’ feedback? If you’re second-guessing answering all these questions, it’s okay. Maybe your Airbnb just needs a little fixing before you give it another go.

Remodeling your Airbnb means that you have to spend a portion of your profit and blocking days on your calendar to finish it. Usually, if you’re planning to renovate some parts of the property and on a tight budget, you need to focus on spaces that make the most impact.

If you already have the design in mind, stating it wouldn’t burden you. But if you’re still undecided on what to do, we’ve laid out some tips you can use to boost good reviews, keep the income coming, and have satisfied guests stay after their stay.

Tip #1: Visualizing what your Airbnb will look like

How you design your property will be the ‘make or break’ of almost everything. The design will convince guests to book it, aside from other factors such as the location and amenities inside.

If you can’t offer scenic views to guests, then you need to rely on the interior design of your home to generate bookings. Think of Hamptons, Balinese, or contemporary themes that reflect your location or surroundings. You can get some inspiration on Pinterest or other sites you’re currently visiting and start from there.

Also, take note of your location if your desired theme or design matches your surroundings. You don’t want to drape some seashells and set up bamboo chairs when your property is located at the foothills, right?

Then, you can list down at least two or three of your favorite concepts and choose the concept that you think is feasible for you to do and right for your budget.

Tip #2: Sell or remove things that you don’t need

Think of an outcome that would lead to more bookings and put yourself as if you’re the guest renting out the property. Do you think that drawer eats too much space in one of the bedrooms? Are those figurines and vases necessary at the corner of the living room? What if one of your guests accidentally broke them?

These questions are essential before you start styling up your property. If you’re renting out an apartment or a suite, aim for minimalistic finishes that will make your property look spacious. Bigger properties such as townhouses, on other hand, can be decorated neutrally. Though it’s not necessary, if you feel like setting up new couches or side tables that will make a difference, then do it.

Tip #3: We all want a squeaky clean Airbnb

Yes, you read that right. A clean place will definitely make an impression on your guests that will entice them to come back for their next summer escapade. Make sure that plates and silverware are spotless. The carpets are professionally cleaned. Sheets are and pillowcases are washed every after stay.

Some guests might forget some missing wine glasses or spare sheets but a stinky, wet dog-smelling property? Never!

Tip #4: Upgrade your amenities

Amenities are also a big factor before guests book their Airbnb. With Millennial and Gen Z users making up most of the Airbnb population, they just don’t settle with basic amenities.

Try installing Wi-Fi or internet in your home. Provide some spare towels and sheets in the bedroom and bathroom. Be sure the kitchen has the equipment (knife, cutting board, plates, spoon and fork, mugs, glasses) and essential cooking tools that guests can use during their stay.

We strive to give guests A-quality services so before we accept bookings, amenities must be complete and thoroughly checked first to impart a positive experience to them.

Tip #5: A fresh paint can make a difference

Check your property if it needs a repaint. As mentioned earlier, strive for neutral tones unless you’re confident enough to mix and match colors. A mix of white and brown will look good if you aim for a rustic vibe. Red walls would scare off family guests and we don’t want that to happen.

Fresh paint can make your home look new and refreshing as it brings life to your living room and even your bathroom. Stick to neutral tones if you don’t have ample time to repaint the whole unit as nothing goes wrong with these sets of colors.

Tip #6: Check your rugs and curtains

Rugs and curtains add color to your home. Stylish curtains highlight boring windows while rugs give life to your tiled floors or hide some cracks that you still to fix after their stay.

Make sure to change them if it starts to smell or fade from its original color. Guests will notice it sooner or later and to prevent any unwanted feedback, coordinate with your cleaner (if you have any) to check if it is still good for display.

If you consider short-term rentals as your primary source of income, maintaining your property is definitely a must. If it is losing its charm or feels out of date, attend to it as soon as possible and bring with you these tips before you make hasty decisions because renovating your Airbnb will eat some of your profit so better use it wisely and with caution. For hosting, management services, and cheap accommodation, you can reach us at 1-888-538-7769 or e-mail your queries at marketing@prowessproperty.ca.