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7 Reasons to visit Toronto, Canada after the Pandemic Ends

Throughout history, we have seen that no pandemic can last forever. There will eventually be an end to all these lockdowns, and travel domestically and internationally will slowly resume, albeit with many changes meant to improve health and discourage social conflict. You should make Toronto your first destination if you are planning to travel again soon.

No pandemic lasts forever, as history shows us. All these lockdowns will eventually come to an end, and local and international travel will slowly resume, albeit with many changes in the name of health precautions and social distancing. So, if you intend to do some traveling again soon, make your first destiny the City of Toronto.

In truth, Toronto is a city too much underrated. In fact, Toronto isn’t as beautiful as its West Coast cousin, Vancouver, or its next-door neighbor, Montreal. But as more international sporting events and tourism reviews begin making the news and social media, the curiosity of many people was being piqued. But in reality, Toronto has always been one of Canada’s best destinations, as these seven attractions will prove.

Historic Distillery District

Looking like a movie set, the cobblestoned Historic Distillery District is a collection of stunning, perfectly preserved Victorian industrial warehouses. The district was once home to a 19th-century distillery, still complete with preserved galleries, ateliers, and artisanal food shops. You can even watch a distilling process.

Kensington Market

Love food? Toronto’s Kensington Market has a buzzing foodie scene that highlights the most sought-after crazes in global cuisine, from Canadian indigenous menus to Venezuelan to Ethiopian to Asian, with a few mixed and hybrids thrown in. And after a nice lunch, you can wander around the ethnically diverse and amazingly bohemian neighborhood, with its fragrant spices, produce stalls, ethnic hole-in-the-walls, scented baked goods, espressos, and cinnamon glasses of milk.

Toronto Zoo

A great family favorite especially for the kids, the mostly open-air zoo is set against the pretty backdrop of the leafy Rouge River valley. You can meet the zoo’s more than 5,000 animals as well as the latest arrivals, such as the two Mandarin Pandas. There are even extreme adventure sports such as a zipline and a Serengeti Bush campsite complete with African tents.

More Family Fun for Kids

North of the city, Legoland features southern Ontario rendered entirely in Lego-brick, a Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre, to a miniature Maid of the Mist boat underneath Niagara Falls. There’s even a factory tour. In Wonderland, there are roller coasters, animatronic dinosaurs, and a water slide.

Edgewalk the CN Tower

The CN Tower is Toronto’s legendary spire that anchors the skyline. There are the sensational 360-degree views, and its Edgewalk, wherein participants in orange jumpsuits can walk hands-free – but tethered by harnesses – on an outdoor platform that juts out from the top of the tower, 116 floors high. You can also visit Ripley’s Aquarium next door, with a moving sidewalk through a long tunnel with sharks and stingrays.

Open Spaces

If you love walking, Toronto has plenty of green spaces. There are parks anywhere you go, and most streets are lined with big trees that are lovely in the spring and summer. Try taking a walk in the city’s Old Town area.

Take Road Trips

Take time to make some road trips outside the city and see really cool wineries, cottages, waterfalls, and charming towns. Since you’re there, visit Niagara Falls and take a walk through the beautiful town of Hamilton. When planning your trip to Toronto, take the time to visit Prowess Property Management and find some amazingly affordably priced short-term rental vacation homes. Why check into expensive hotels and other traditional accommodations when you can stay in comfort and privacy in a rental vacation home?