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What’s Inside an Airbnb Listing?

Airbnb has experienced upward growth over the past eight years. There are currently over 2.5 million rentals in 191 countries, and as we have grown, we have seen many different types of hosts and offerings made available on our platform. You can find a house, an apartment or even a lighthouse or a yurt. As Airbnb grows – both in the number of listings and the variety of homes available – we want to organize listings in a way that is as easy as possible so that guests can book exactly what they are looking for.

Now, here’s a guide which will walk you through the creation process and perfecting the initial offer from start to finish. There’s no reason to be overwhelmed – creating an offer is the hard part. Once your listing is finished and published, you can give us your keys to direct your Airbnb listing towards more bookings, largely without any practical account management.

Work on a Catchy and Enticing Title

Your short term rental listing title and first image are what convinces visitors to click on your listing, so it’s very important to use them to your advantage by highlighting the strengths of your listing. You also provide the name of your offer. you want these 35 characters to be engaging enough to attract attention and unique enough to accurately portray your place.

Try to use descriptive and pleasant adjectives to soften the title. Here are some cool examples of great titles from actual offerings:

  1. “Sweet Retreat 2BR Suite in Dalhousie”
  2. “Beautiful Suite in the Heart of Broadway”
  3. “Lavish 2BB 2BA Condo Close to Downtown”

Describe your Listing that is Easy to Understand

Writing a brief description of the place and improve your SEO information on Airbnb, then let potential guests know how you will be available throughout their stay, what they can expect from the area, and how they can get around the city.

Your listing description should be a great summary that covers the main features of your listing in up to 250 characters. People like a little personality, so let yours shine by explaining exactly what makes your place special. Bullets and short sentences can do a lot. Also, these should appear in your listing:

  • Title: Name of the property in 50 characters or less. Make it stand out!
  • Summary: Describe the furniture, the light, what is nearby, etc.
  • The Space: Provide more information on what makes your space unique. Guest access: let guests know which parts of the space they will be able to access.
  • Interaction with Guests: Inform guests if you will be available to offer assistance before, during, and after their stay.
  • Other Things to Note: You can mention in this part the other details that guests need to know that may be relevant to their stay.
  • The Neighborhood: Other than adding photos, let guests know more about your neighborhood or the ambiance of the vicinity.
  • My Place is Great for: Reiterate if the property is suitable for families (with kids), large groups, friends furry (pets).

Utilize the Photo Captions

Photos of your property are a primary requirement when publishing a listing on Airbnb. Photos can help guests visualize what it’s like to be living inside as well as the interior design and amenities you showcase. You can start with a single photo and come back later to add more. Including photos of all the spaces that a guest can use (for example, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional rooms) helps guests imagine that they are staying in their place.

Here are some tips from Airbnb itself to fully optimize your listing’s photos:

  • Cellular phone pictures are fine but if you can invest on DSLR shots or have the capacity to hire a photographer, then much better.
  • Take photos that are at least 1024 x 683px. When in doubt, a bigger photo is better.
  • Prepare your space. Remove unnecessary things or furniture that can affect the aesthetic of your photos.
  • Take landscape and portrait photos. And take as much as you like so you’ll have options later on.
  • Take during when there’s adequate lighting, probably during daytime.
  • Take some photos of your amenities. Showcase what your property has to offer using your photos to let them see it rather than just reading them on the descriptions.

Don’t fake it. Just be Yourself

While you may want to brag about how special your place is, don’t overdo it or exaggerate it. Being clear on both the unique benefits and any quirks will help potential guests decide right away if your space is right for them – and accurately setting expectations is key to positive reviews. People often look for descriptions of the features they are looking for rather than slowly reading it. Utilize the listing page and use the amenities checklist to share information about all the features you offer, such as Wi-Fi, parking, and air conditioning – this will ensure your listing appears when guests filter by those amenities.

You can Always Refer to Some Inspirations Online

You can always refer to other listings on Airbnb for some inspiration, especially those who thrive well and gained positive reviews for the past months or years. It can greatly help you if you’re planning to reconstruct your space or you need help with your captions and descriptions. Read descriptions of interesting properties for inspiration and consult reviews from other hosts to understand the types of moments and details that guests appreciate. Whatever type of space you have, identifying opportunities for fun will help you to bring your ad to life.

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