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Rental Property Management in Canada

Rental Property Management in Canada

We offer to manage your property for short-term rentals.

We help in minimizing your stress and maximizing your profits.

With us, your home shall realize its full potential.

What We Do


24/7 Support

Our team is always available for your guests, no matter what time of day. Be it in the morning or middle of the night, we have it covered.

Guest Communication

We guarantee prompt responses to the needs and inquires of your guests. We manage tenant screening, booking and reviews.


We have a team of partners including plumbers, handymen, and even gardeners. We always make sure everything looks good on your rental property.


We employ professional cleaning to keep the house in good condition. Nothing is more comforting than living in a clean and fresh place.


We use our state of the art photography equipment so your property outshines the rest. Professional photos always book more rentals.


We know how much time it takes to manage bookings, so we free up all of that time for you.


We always take care of checking guests in and out for you. Our system for managing keys makes things easy and you never have to worry about anything.


We ensure that your property be checked out by publishing it in different platforms. The more it can be seen, the higher the possibility of it being rented out.

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Who We Are

Our story began on the year 2012. We started out by managing our own property and with few listings in our hands.

Now, we are fortunate to be dealing with different guests everyday and managing more than 10 properties located in Calgary and Saskatoon.

Named after the word Prowess, our company is composed of skilled individuals specializing in Property Management.

It has always been our goal to help our clients get the most out of their properties for rental.


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